New Transit Retail in Dense Urban Core | Surrey, BC

September 27, 2017

One-of-a-kind new retail unit located on the Expo Line of the SkyTrain network at City Parkway and 103rd Ave in Surrey, BC. Surrey Central Station serves the high-density “downtown” urban core of Surrey and is the largest rapid transit hub south of the Fraser River!
Surrey City Centre is in the midst of significant transformation; what was once a suburban town centre, is developing into a walkable, transit-oriented downtown core for business, cultural, and entertainment activity. As part of this transformation, Surrey City Centre is rapidly growing to include more residential and commercial density, including over 10,000 proposed new residential units and community-oriented services (Simon Fraser University, Surrey City Hall, Surrey Library and Rec Centre & increased office density) all focused around enhanced rapid transit. Rapid Transit services include SkyTrain, additional Frequent Transit Network (FTN) routes, new express services, local Community Shuttle circulators, and the proposed future LRT line connecting south to Newtwon Exchange and to Langley Centre (with a station house at Surrey Central Station!).
The NEW RETAIL unit at Surrey Central Station will be located on the high exposure corner of the new North Station house, which offers unparalleled exposure to transit users, pedestrians, office employees, cyclists and residents. Along with the new retail unit, the Surrey Central Station is undergoing upgrades to increase passenger capacity (SkyTrain and Bus Routes), and improve pedestrian connections between buildings, parking and community centres.
Surrey Central Station represents an exciting opportunity to secure retail space in the heart of Surreys downtown core. The retail unit will benefit from the areas Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) integrating beautifully designed public spaces, increased residential and a broad mix of urban uses with easily accessible rapid transit.


+ 850 SF High Profile Location
+ Retail Access Outside Fare Gates
+ Available: December 2018
+ Rent: Contact Listing Agent
+ Newly Renovated/Upgraded Station House
+ Busiest Transit Hub south of the Fraser River


Nick Fisher

Nancy Bayly

Dan Clark