Lower Mainland Locations Wanted | Kinton Ramen

January 19, 2018

Founded in 2009, KINKA FAMILY hospitality group has been revolutionizing Japanese dining in Toronto, Montreal and now Tokyo Japan & Korea with their diverse and innovative portfolio of restaurants. With over 15 locations, Kinka Family is now seeking locations in the Lower Mainland for its Kinton Ramen concept. For more information on Kinka Family click here!
Kinton Ramen is a popular ramen noodle soup concept described as Japanese-style “comfort food”. Kinton provides a unique offering, ambiance and impecable service. Serving peoples happiness is a fundamental component of Kinka Family’s philosophy. The Toronto-based company has retained Nancy Bayly of Sitings Realty Ltd. to handle its real estate search in British Columbia.


+ Restaurant Locations Wanted: Lower Mainland (Main Targets: Downtown Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, Richmond & Burnaby)
+ Targeting High Traffic Locations With Lunch and Dinner Rushes
+ Size Requirement: 1,500 to 2,000 SF
+ Leading Edge Restaurant Design

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Nancy Bayly/604.628.2580/