Extreme Brandz Sold to MTY for $45 Million

June 3, 2013

On May 28th Extreme Brandz and MTY entered into a binding agreement for the sale of Extreme Brandz for $45 million in the biggest acquisition in MTY’s history.

Extreme Brandz encompasses the Extreme Pita, Mucho Burrito and Publendz franchises. Upon closing Extreme Brandz will operate approximately 235 Extreme Pita locations and 70 Mucho Burrito locations across Canada and the US, as well as 70 Purblendz fruit smoothie concepts which are located in dual-branded Extreme Pita stores.

Fiscal year sales for Extreme Brandz were over $103 million.

MTY is a Quebec-based franchisor which operates 26 banners with over 2,200 units including Jugo Juice, Taco Time, Thai Express and Yogen Fruz.

Sitings Realty began working with Extreme Brandz three years ago and has helped grow their portfolio from 14 to 26 locations across British Columbia.

Sitings continues to source food court and exterior locations for Extreme Pita in the 900 – 1,200sf range, and exterior locations for Mucho Burrito in the 1,500 – 2,000 sf range.

For more information contact Nick Fisher (, 604.624.2581) or Dan Clark (, 604.628.2577).